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Last Night on Glee

Last night marked the return of one of my favorite show on TV, Glee, after a one week hiatus due to the mid-term elections last week.  And it did not sit on its laurels from its Rocky Horror tribute from two weeks ago.

Some moments were predictable, while others surprised the hell out of me.

Much like last year, I wasn’t too keen on the mash up of songs.  While they were sung very well, it seemed a little forced.  The girls, dressed in patent leather did a smash up of “Start Me Up” (The Rolling Stones) and “Livin’ on a Prayer,” (Bon Jovi) two iconic 80s rock songs.  The guys, at the end of the episode did “Stop! In the Name of Love” (The Supremes) and “Free Your Mind” (En Vogue).  And while it seemed a little forced, as I previously stated, it did help to move the plot line.

The best song of the night however, was not sung by New Directions.  It was performed by their new rivals at the Dalton Academy, an all-boys prep school.  Kurt, fed up with the bullying and ensuing apathy from the faculty, decides to pay a visit to Dalton to see if the grass is greener.  He shows up in time for a flash mod performance of the Warblers, Dalton’s glee club, a capella the shit out of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”  And we see the start of what may be Kurt’s first relationship with another out gay student, Blaine (newcomer Darren Criss).

I stress the word “out” because we later find, when Kurt decides to stand up to his bully, the football player who constantly pushes him into lockers, we come to find out that the bully is actually deeply closeted himself and is afraid.  That opens up a whole new path to take, and I hope the writers of Glee will do with caution and education.

I appreciate the way Glee tackled bullying in high school without necessarily jumping on the “It Gets Better” bandwagon.

There were other aspects of the episode that was funny, good, and bad, but I don’t want to dwell on them right now.  I’m glad to see Puck out of juve and appreciate the story line of Coach Beiste.  Now, let’s get ready for Sectionals!  But before we do, let’s take another look at those delicious Warblers.


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