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Is Pelosi a Dreamgirl?

She’s staying.  She’s staying!  And you… and you… and you, you’re gonna lover her?

That was the word yesterday when outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeted that she was going to run for House Minority Leader.

Picture Nancy Pelosi as Jennifer Holliday (or Jennifer Hudson in the movie version) of the Broadway show Dreamgirls, singing to her “Curtis”, which in this case would be President Obama.


2 responses to “Is Pelosi a Dreamgirl?

  1. LA Cochran November 6, 2010 at 4:33 PM

    What a fantastic image! I don’t imagine Nancy Pelosi will ever sing it but she may be thinking it. The question is, will the Democrats care?

    Thanks for the clip–love both Holliday and Hudson delivering this! Incredible.

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