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Did Obama Get the Message?

The short answer is no!

At his press conference yesterday, Obama seemed annoyed that he had to go through this exercise of talking about these mid-term elections.

In the last few weeks, President Obama has called his political opponents “enemies”, suggested that all Republicans don’t like Hispanics, misrepresented the fact that Republicans have voted for global AIDS funding, said Republicans don’t care about unemployment, and that they only care about rich people.

Now he wants an open debate about the issues?  Now he’s open to compromise?  Now he’s willing to talk to Republicans and consider what they’re proposing “IF THEY HAVE ANY IDEAS.”

In the words of Steve Hayes, of the Weekly Standard, does Obama really think that after two years of having this debate, Republicans don’t have any ideas?

Many will say that over the last two years, Republicans have pursued a successful policy of obstructing the President.  And that’s a true statement, but only after a deaf ear has been turned from the White House.

I hearken back to the health care debate earlier this year.  Obama pretty much said the exact same thing.  He went up to Baltimore for the Republican retreat.  Then he invited the GOP to the Blair House, for that day-long taffy pull on health care.  He listened to their ideas, and he summarily rejected all of them, only after saying to John McCain at one point, “that’s why we have elections.”

A week ago, the president was saying that Republicans could come along for the ride, but they’d have to “sit in the back.”

That doesn’t sound like someone who wants to compromise.


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