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The Double Standards of National Public Radio

As many of you have heard by now, Juan Williams, who was a new analyst for National Public Radio (NPR), was summarily fired over the telephone last week for statements he made on the Fox News Channel.  Let’s set aside the debate of whether NPR should receive taxpayer money for another day.

What happened last week is a travesty, and shows a complete double standard in the way NPR deals with its talent.  Where are the outrage and pink slips for Cokie Roberts, or better yet, for Nina Totenberg, who both traditionally appear on political shows and espouse their own opinion, separate of fact?  They are safe, because their opinions don’t differ from the top brass of NPR.  To me, that doesn’t create the mantra of journalistic integrity.

It proves the point of Brit Hume, who said that NPR fired Williams for being a ‘Bill Cosby liberal.’  Which is to say, a liberal who stands up to his or her own leaders and says stop, let’s talk about the real issues of our community?  In short, airing “dirty laundry.”  That’s what Cosby did several years ago when he publically criticized black youths.

People are correct when the say that over-reaching political correctness is chipping away at the fundamental American freedoms of speech and expression.  Civil debate and political discourse are the fabric of this nation

I’m glad to see outrage not only from the right, but also from the left.  They fired Juan for saying how he felt in a particular situation, based on an event of significant importance to our American culture.  He didn’t say that Muslims should be barred from wearing their traditional attire or even banned from flying all together.  He simply said that when he sees one dressed in their traditional garb, he gets apprehensive.

But don’t cry for Juan Williams just yet.  Upon termination from NPR, Fox News offered him a most excellent 3 year contract, to which I say BRAVO.  I may often disagree with Juan, but I enjoy listening to his thoughtful point of view from the other side.  Moreover, he has some outstanding books on civil rights and race relations, which are a must read.


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