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WaPo Endorses GOP Candidates for City Council

Washington Post

Endorsements in the D.C. Council race

WITH VINCENT C. GRAY and Kwame R. Brown facing only token opposition in their bids for the District’s top two jobs, attention in the Nov. 2 election centers on the competitive D.C. Council races. (There will also be elections for school board, which we will turn to on another day.) Six seats on the 13-member council are up for grabs and — thanks to the efforts of the local Republican Party in recruiting candidates — there are real choices for voters in the ward races.

That’s a welcome development, given the challenges facing the District and the unhealthy long-term consequences of unchallenged one-party rule. Looming budget deficits will require hard decisions about spending and taxes. Reform of the schools is a work in process, and the council will play a critical role in determining whether the changes continue or are slowed. And the council has a role to play in healing divisions of race and geography that emerged in this year’s bitter mayoral contest. [more]


One response to “WaPo Endorses GOP Candidates for City Council

  1. Jamie Gregorian October 22, 2010 at 11:21 AM

    The Post got most of this right (except for Ward 1). I’m voting for Tommy Wells, but I hope all the other GOP challengers are successful. I’d love to see Mary Cheh and Jim Graham lose.

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