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Obama: A Fierce Advocate for Himself

After he was elected President, Barack Obama said that he was a “fierce advocate for gay and lesbian Americans.”

Two years have since passed, and many gays and lesbians are wondering just who the President is advocating for.  Since taking office, I can count three things that have happened positively towards the LGBT community at the hands of this White House — the President spoke at last year’s HRC Dinner, hate crimes legislation became law, and the Ryan White Care Act was reauthorized.

Today, less than 48 hours since a federal judge ruled that DADT was unconstitutional in Log Cabin Republicans v. United States of America, the Obama administration has asked for an emergency stay of the judge’s order banning worldwide enforcement of DADT.  The Justice Department, according to Politico, vows to appeal the ruling, and argues that President Barack Obama favors an ‘orderly’ legislative repeal of the 1993 law.

Well I think now the cat’s out of the bag.  It appears that you’re looking out for yourself, Mr. President.  You are trying to stop the bleed out of what is shaping up to be worst political season for Democrats since 1994.  You are trying to soften the intensity of those who want to throw the bums out.

By the time you’re done twisting to placate every audience while offering no new commitments to assuage concerns that our priorities are your priorities, you won’t have a base to turn to.


One response to “Obama: A Fierce Advocate for Himself

  1. DCBrent October 14, 2010 at 5:02 PM

    And since one of the “three good things” is just attending a pointless HRC dinner….

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