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Life After Rahm

Who will become the new Chief of Staff in the White House?  Now that Rahm Emanuel has departed the White House in hopes of being elected Mayor of Chicago, there has been little talk about who will become the new Chief of Staff.

Amid Rahm’s departure on Friday, President Obama named Pete Rouse, to serve as Interim White House Chief of Staff.

Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser, was once everyone’s odds on favorite to replace Rahm.  Known for her hard edginess, she could pick up where Emanuel left off.  And we all know that Obama has a propensity for appointing women to top roles (see Sotomayer & Kagan).  But there is one thing about Jarrett that most people don’t know.  She was born in Iran.  This fact should not deny her from serving in such a capacity.  But the question is, does Obama want to expend the political capital to talk about this issue, which would also bring the birthers back out to talk about foreigners taking over the government from within.  The short answer is probably not.

I offer two names to be good choices.  One has been talked about by the main stream media, the other has not.

Former Senator Tom Daschle would be a good and logical choice.  Obama originally picked him to head up the Department of Health & Human Services, but his tax problems put a stop to that. He is known to work well on both sides of the aisle and would easily have the president’s ear.

My dark horse and favorite choice would be Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, whose term is up in January.  If Obama wants to get back on good terms with his base – labor, Jews, and liberals, Rendell would be a perfect choice.


One response to “Life After Rahm

  1. Hubbard October 4, 2010 at 12:20 PM

    Ed Rendell? The man’s a walking gaffe machine. They don’t need another Biden.

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