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WeLoveDC.com Should Talk to People

Yesterday, We Love DC posted an article chastising Log Cabin Republicans for not being involved in local races.  As President of DC Log Cabin Republicans, I obviously took offense to that.  Below is a link to the original story, and then my reply.

WeLoveDC.com’s story titled “No input on local races from the Log Cabin Republicans.”

My response…

I must say that I was quite taken aback by your article yesterday about Log Cabin Republicans not giving input on local races, seeing that you didn’t bother to contact leadership in either of the local chapters – DC and Northern Virginia.

Had you reached out to me, as President of the DC Log Cabin Republicans, I would have told you that nearly three months ago, we endorse four candidates for City Council.  And while many in our chapter supported openly gay Republican Matthew Berry in the VA-08 GOP primary, we felt it would be inappropriate to endorse in that race when we have a vibrant Northern Virginia chapter, who was heavily involved with both candidates.

One quick look to our website – dclogcabin.org – would have yielded all the information you needed for your piece.  On June 28th, we endorse the four candidates who are running for the Republican nomination for City Council; two of which are gay http://bit.ly/cUUOPm.

On August 26th, we defended our endorsement, and challenged the Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance (GLAA) on their scoring of all the local candidates http://bit.ly/apIr8j .

And in the July 14th issue of Metro Weekly, they even quote me talking about our LOCAL candidates.  http://www.metroweekly.com/news/?ak=5423.

I don’t portend to speak for the national organization.  Our Executive Director, Clarke Cooper, is easily able to handle those responsibilities.  But I am easily available to speak on local issues as they affect the District of Columbia.

Berle, Christian

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