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Five Years After Katrina

Today is the five year anniversary of that terrible day that one of favorite cities in the world was 70% was underwater.

I am not going to commentate on what went wrong then or what is still going wrong down in the Crescent City.  I will merely show you the photos I took six months after Katrina.

Me and some friends were making our annual visit to celebrate Mardi Gras.  Everyone told us not to go, because the city was broken; desolate.  That WAS the reason to go.  We wanted to give a little something back to a place that had given us so much enjoyment over the years.  We wanted to help boost the economy.

It’s now been five years.  The city is coming back.  But it’s not there yet.  So let us not forget.

These photos of from New Orleans’ lower 9th Ward.

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