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On Ken Mehlman

Yesterday, Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic published the story in which Ken Mehlman, a former Bush Advisor and former RNC Chairman came out.

While many in the LGBT community are saying “what took you so long,” I will simply say, “BRAVO!”  Coming to terms with one’s sexuality and coming out are two very difficult and personal steps.  The journey can be long and winding.

I’ve known Ken for a long time.  We both worked on the Hill.  And we were both closeted.

People can continue to look at the past if they want to.  But people get to their current point in life differently.  Let’s applaud Ken for not only taking this step, but also joining the fight for equality for all Americans.


4 responses to “On Ken Mehlman

  1. Jamie Gregorian August 26, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    I think the issue is that he waited until he was done working for an administration and heading a political party that each actively worked against gay equality. It’s easy for him to advocate for equality now that he no longer draws a paycheck from the RNC or Bush Administration and instead works in private equity. It’s good that he can be honest with himself, after publicly proclaiming himself to not be gay, but let’s not forget his role in the Bush administration’s opposition to ENDA, opposition to hate crime laws, and twice pushing for a Federal Marriage Amendment.

    In a way it’s easy for me to scorn the guy because I’ve never been a gay Republican. But I just don’t see how he deserves applause for waiting until it was safe to acknowledge what everyone else already knew, and after actively working to deeply harm the rights of people like himself.

  2. S September 4, 2010 at 8:16 PM

    If you can forgive him, I can forgive him.

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