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Riding on the Metro . . .

That’s the title to a great 80s song by Berlin.  So I’m gonna use it for this feature.  Basically, it will be stories, overheard conversations, and observations while riding DC’s subway, known as the metro.  A couple of months back, I posted a cherishing little bit about a kid who wowed in amazement when he saw a soldier get on the train in “Look Dad, a Soldier!

Last night, I was coming home from JRs, riding the red line back to my summer home.

There is this cute straight couple directly in front of me.  He is  tired.  She is trying to placate him by rubbing his back in the same 2 inch circle repeatedly.  It’s obvious to anyone watching that he’s not being “satisfied.”

He looks up, glances at me and smile, which takes me off guard.  Damn it!  Why are we already at my stop?  I smile back, get up, and exit the train.  That was exciting!


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