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Celebrating Prop 8’s Demise

Yesterday proved to be a great step along the journey towards equal justice under the law.  District Court Judge Vaughn Walker, a Republican appointee, struck down California’s Proposition 8.  So now what?  It will wind its way through the court system all the way up to the Supreme Courts.

But what was so fun and exciting about yesterday’s decision, was the jubilation of the LGBT community throughout the country.

Here in DC at the favorite watering hole of many gays, JRs featured an open bar (rail and draft of course) for five hours!  This was especially shocking to those of us who have been coming here for years.

Many recall last October when we hosted the National Equity March, marchers filed into the many drinking establishments around DC after the event concluded.  Being a Sunday, many headed straight for JRs because of its famous SundayFunday special — $2 Skyy vodka drinks all day and night long, only to find that they had cancelled the special for that day only.  The owner felt that he could make an extra buck or two.  And while he had every right to do so, he also risked alienating his customer base.

I think with last night’s celebration, they more than made up for their lapse in judgment.  And the song choices of the DJ was even more amusing – “Now That We’ve Found Love What Are We Gonna Do” “Hurt So Good” “What’s Love Got to Do with It”.  Everyone was in such good spirit.  And the place was PACKED!!!

And you must read Chris Geidner’s amazing breakdown of the ruling.


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