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Push Back Against Hank’s Oyster Bar

Hank's Oyster BarYesterday, Tom Hay over at Borderstan.com posted a great piece on push back against Hank’s Oyster Bar wanting to expand to their immediate right, into an empty building.  At first, this sounds eerily familiar to when JRs wanted to expand over at 17th & Church.  But at closer look, it’s a little different.

When Leeds the Way, LLC, the company that owns Hank’s, appeared before the Dupont ANC back in June, to petition terminate their Voluntary Agreement, the ANC took no action.  No action was taken again at the July ANC meeting.

Now, a group of 23 Dupont residents have filed a protest with the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration opposing the expansion, citing, among other things, the 17th Street moratorium that took effect years ago, and renewed back in 2006.

It will be interested to see which sides prevail.  I say go HANKS!

One last thing — there’s no agenda item on Hank’s so far set for the Dupont ANC’s next meeting, which is next Wednesday.


2 responses to “Push Back Against Hank’s Oyster Bar

  1. Jamie Gregorian August 3, 2010 at 11:18 AM

    The amount of power wielded by the ANCs can be downright frightening, especially when you consider how hostile some of them are to neighborhood businesses.

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