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Oh My Glee!!!!

Last night, I read with antici………….pation, that among other things, next season on Glee, they plan to do an homage to the Rocky Horror Picture Show!  Dr. Frank-N-Furter would be so proud!  I read this with, ahem, glee on tvguide.com.

Below are there top ten spoilers for season two, along with my comments.

1. Glee will pay respect to The Rocky Horror Picture Show: This news was a shock to even the cast in attendance — Naya Rivera (Santana), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), Heather Morris (Brittany), Kevin McHale (Artie), Colfer (Kurt) and Amber Riley (Mercedes).  When they were asked by an audience member what songs they still wanted to sing on the show, Colfer piped up, “The Time Warp” — and practically got his wish on the spot. “Well, funny enough Chris, we are doing a Rocky Horror episode,” Murphy said.

This is pure brilliance!  I see this as a sweeps episode, perhaps in October or February.

2. “The Power of Madonna 2” is going to happen: “Madonna was thrilled with the [first tribute] episode,” Murphy said. “We don’t know when we’re doing [a second] but we will at some point do it.” The “Power of Madonna” took 12 to 13 days to shoot “and went over budget very early on. But I said to the studio and the network, ‘Do it for Madonna. C’mon.'” (Did you know? Many of the props used in the Sue Sylvester rendition of “Vogue” were used in Madge’s original music video. Murphy said they were found in an old prop house.)

Madonna’s catalog is so vast and impressive, they should just plan to do one each season.  Last April, the first “Power of Madonna” episode was beyond brilliant, with TV’s Queen of Mean, Sue Sylvester taking on the iconic song of Vogue; video and all.

3. Tina, Mike and those other characters you don’t know so well will get more face time: Murphy said it’s what he wants — and what the fans have told him they want: “[Everyone] pops so much, I personally want to see a whole episode of Brittany. I want to see more Artie and Tina,” he said. “The second season is designed to be much more intimate, and it’s from the feedback we’ve gotten really. [Viewers] want to see more of the people they’ve grown to love.”

All I have to say here is… MORE.HARRY.SHRUM.JR. please!

4. Even though there’ll be more Artie and Tina , it won’t be Artie with Tina: McHale looked just as shocked — and possibly upset? — as some in the audience did when Murphy dropped this bomb: “We’re writing an episode that I really like where we find out that Tina has fallen out of love with Artie and in love Mike.” Awww, it’s over before it really began…

Artie found his voice in the Dream On episode, singing “Safety Dance with a flash mob.  Tina never really had a big moment.  Let’s hope they rectify that.

5. More relatives will make an entrance: Kurt’s dad (Mike O’Malley) was recently upped to a series regular, and fans have grown to love Finn’s mom. (Quinn’s parents? Jury’s out on her mom, who came around in the finale.) Next, viewers will meet Rachel’s two dads and Brittany’s sister. “I have a feeling she has a very smart older sister,” Murphy said. Added Morris: “I imagine my parents work for NASA.” Murphy also confirmed that Idina Menzel will return as Rachel’s birth mom, Shelby.

Kurt’s dad should get PFLAG’s parent of the year award after his character’s performance last season.  Finn’s mom is quaint.  Please ditch Mr. Schuester’s now EX-wife.  Her character has always been lacking, though not boring.

6. Mercedes is taking Glee to church: Colfer’s eyes got very large when, a beat later, Murphy revealed, “Kurt gets to go with her.”

Mercedes.  Church.  Nuff sed.  If there is anyone who should be singing in a church choir, it’s definitely Mercedes.

7. Not everyone will be excited about singing Britney Spears: As TVGuide.com exclusively reported, the episode will be about our favorite daffy Cheerio Brittany, who will get to sing at least two of the pop star’s tunes. But the idea of paying tribute to the ex-Mrs. K-Fed doesn’t excite Matthew Morrison. The actor once said in an interview that the one artist he hoped wouldn’t be included in the Glee songbook was Spears. So Murphy decided that Morrison’s Mr. Schuester will be the one saying, “I don’t want to do Britney, I don’t want to do Britney.” As for the episode itself? Murphy said, “We’re doing it in a very fun hallucinogenic way.”

I’m glad to hear there won’t be an entire episode dedicated to Britney Spears.  A couple of songs are fine.

8. Speaking of Brittany, she may be getting hot and heavy with a fellow Cheerio: Which one? Duh, Santana.  Maybe. “We’re actually writing an episode where we’re debating if they should kiss,” Murphy said.

Hot and steamy!

9. Kurt’s going to get a sweet boyfriend: No devious Jesse St. James types for Kurt. “I think he should have a boyfriend and they should be prom king and king,” Murphy said. “I think that’s an important thing to put out in the world. I want to see what that relationship is like. I want to see what [Kurt’s dad] thinks of that relationship.”

According to the Advocate, said boyfriend will be played by Chord Overstreet.  And according to Movieline, Overstreet will play Sam, an athlete who “starts off as Finn’s protégé but becomes his competition.”

10. The post-Super Bowl episode will be another tribute. To who? Murphy’s not saying yet. Producers are still negotiating a deal.

What ever they do here will be amazing.  If not, the producers should be fired.  The post-Super Bowl slot is the Holy Grail of television.


3 responses to “Oh My Glee!!!!

  1. Eric July 27, 2010 at 1:22 PM

    I totally agree with you about Mike O’Malley, Kurt’s Dad. I was crying and cheering the dad on when he read Finn the riot act after yelling at Kurt. Plus, his character is very believable. He doesn’t understand Kurt’s life but he knows one thing and never deviates from it. He loves his son more than anything. Enough to kill his chance of a new love with Finn’s Mom by throwing Finn out of his house. He has my vote for PFLAG Dad of the Year.

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