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What’s Really Going on with MOVA?

To pick up on yesterday’s post — Breaking: MOVA Out of Business — which drew close to a one thousand hits, I’ve uncovered some more information on the MOVA situation.

A second source tells me that MOVA is moving as of September to 12th and U.  But the reason isn’t necessarily because the owner, Babak Movahedi, is out of money.  It is primarily because the owner of the property (or at least the holder of the lease) has been in landlord/ tenant court against MOVA and its parent company, Logan Circle Spectrum, LLC.

My source tell me that there are significant past due taxes on the business and Movahedi hasn’t been paying his rent, putting a financial burden on the lease holder, who is a major figure within the LGBT community.

A third source tells me that Logan Circle Spectrum is in serious financial trouble, and confirms that staff are walking out the door faster than MOVA can hire them.  He goes on to say that Movahedi has pissed off promoters, community groups, and many members of the drag community.  And you don’t want to piss off a drag queen!

Instead of finding a new location in DC, perhaps Movahedi should focus on his Miami location, which seems to be doing well.  But I can’t help but wonder if he’s paying his taxes and rent down there.

As one of my friends likes to tweet, #thisisnotsouthbeach.


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