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Snookered, Hoodwinked, & Bamboozled

These are some of the words used by the NAACP in their latest episode of ‘who shot john’.  Okay, they actually only said they were “snookered.”

This, of course, is referring to the issue over at the Department of Agriculture and the recent firing of USDA official Shirley Sherrod over an edited video.

Thanks to the backlash over their resolution calling elements of the Tea Party movement racist, they were pushed into condemning, without sufficient evidence, the edited words of Shirley Sherrod, only to retract that condemnation just hours later.

Ebony Magazine has great insight on what I call the continued downward degradation of the NAACP.  Eric Easter writes,

Without being in the room, I can pretty much tell you how the decision to use the platform of the NAACP convention to attack the Tea Party went down. That is to say, a group of very persuasive and compelling elders made an impassioned case that the NAACP should seize the day on a topic that was “relevant” and “now”.  It’s hard to say no to those voices, and it before anyone gave a proper vetting of the consequences and possible counter-punches, a press release was being written and a press conference was being called.

The once famed NAACP is proving more and more to being irrelevant.  And that is sad.


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