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Updated: Are GOProud and its Chapters Really Conservative

For the better part of a year, GOProud has attempted to position itself as the conservative alternative to the Log Cabin Republicans.  To their credit, they have been proactive in non-gay Republican issues.  Their presence at this year’s CPAC conference garnered them tons earned media.

But recently, their bona fides as a conservative group are quickly dissipating.  And as you pull back the layer of political spin, they are just another gay Republican group.

Last September, GOProud launched their first local chapter in Florida called the Sunshine Republicans

From the Miami Herald

The Sunshine Republicans is being established as the first local extension in America of GOProud  an organization of GLBT Republicans that consider themselves more conservative than the widely known Log Cabin Republicans. Several of the founding members of the local Sunshine Republicans are ex Log Cabin Republicans who recently split off to establish a fresh group with new vision.

But that same conservative Sunshine Republican group, according to an article yesterday in The Advocate, is endorsing Republican-turned-Independent Charlie Crist in his bid for a U.S. Senate seat.

So which is it, GOProud?  Are you a conservative group, or are you just a bunch of wannabe’s?

As President of the DC Log Cabin Republicans, I can tell you that we will NEVER endorse a candidate who is not on the party line.

UPDATE: 10:30am

Just received a voice mail from Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director of GOProud (I just love how fast the interwebs are) saying that they had severed ties with Sunshine Republicans about six months ago.  He went on to say that he would be more than happy to give me comments or an interview re. GOProud for future blog posts.  I just hope he and his Board will extend the same courtesy to LCRs


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