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Facts versus Hyperbole & Whispers

My friend (I say that sincerely) over at GayPatriot.net recently went on the rampage about Log Cabin supporting Patrick Murray over Matthew Berry in VA-08.

[T]hey [Log Cabin] supported the pro-choice, anti-gay Iraq War veteran Patrick Murray in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District over the pro-life, conservative, former FCC lawyer Matthew Berry. Oh, did I mention that Berry is a gay conservative?  So why would Log Cabin support Murray, over a gay conservative who is pro-life, and stands up for state’s rights and the repeal of DADT? Simple: Log Cabin no longer has the best interests of the Gay Right at heart – and hasn’t for some time. They raised money for Murray, who won the primary against Berry last Tuesday. Good job R. Clarke Cooper!

Either Bruce didn’t fact check his information or his “source on the Log Cabin board” led him astray.  There were no LCR chapter or national endorsement for Murray, nor were any PAC checks distributed to him.

Indeed, individuals supported both candidates, to be sure.  And while Cooper and some supported Murray (I also must point out the Cooper later withdrew his support), I and many in the DC and NY Chapters supported Berry.  I must further note that Cooper’s actions were done BEFORE he became Executive Director.

Facts are much better than hyperbole and whispers.


2 responses to “Facts versus Hyperbole & Whispers

  1. Robert Turner June 18, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    Hubbard, not sure of your point in linking that picture and pointing out the comment. As I said, individual members did support Murray in the primary. Cooper most certainly did, and later rescinded his support.

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