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“Look Dad, a Soldier!”

Yesterday, while heading home, a little boy no older than 6 boarded the metro at the Crystal City station with his parents. A mop of blonde hair covered the boys’ head as he held hands with him mom and dad. Then suddenly, with excitement, he said loud enough for the entire train to hear, “Look dad, a soldier! Are you a soldier?! Hi soldier! What’s your name?” At which point everyone else on the train started to laugh and smile uncontrollably.

The soldier then approached the little boy, shook his hand and started a conversation with him.  The rest of the train was still giggling over the initial comments.

Two stops later, as the soldier exited the train at the Pentagon station, the boy said, “Everybody say bye to the soldier!”  Obediently, we all did.

It was definitely a ‘kids say the darndest things’ moment, and one that put a smile on everyone’s faces. I also say bravo to the parents, who undoubtedly has taught their son to honor and respect those who serve.


2 responses to ““Look Dad, a Soldier!”

  1. sonia June 15, 2010 at 3:38 PM

    what an awesome family! and soldier too, for taking the time to talk to him instead of ignoring him. it’s a great thing i think that we can also respond to his innocense in saying good-bye as well.

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