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Another Reason to vote for Matthew Berry (VA-8)

A brief note to campaigns and volunteers when passing out literature at metro stops: IGNORE NO ONE!  Yesterday, I was heading home and was about to go into the Crystal City metro stop.  There was a cadre of volunteers for the Patrick Murray for Congress campaign.  He’s is running in the Republican primary to take on Rep. Jim Moran.  This is indeed a good year to have a chance to win that seat, as the Virginia-8 is heavily Democratic.  I thought, “Oh a good chance to get some info on his campaign.”

What got me all bent out of shape was the fact that there were at least five volunteers for Colonel Murray’s campaign passing out literature.  I looked at each of them waiting for someone to hand me a brochure, as they were doing to everyone else going into and coming out of the metro.  They all ignored me.

Why was that?  Was it because of my attire?  Khakis, white button down and a back pack?  Or was it because I’m black?  Sadly, it’s obvious their reasons.

What’s sadder for them is that because of their “blink” moment, they had no idea that I was the President of the DC Log Cabin Republicans, an organization who has some influence among local Republicans in the DC area.

I will be telling all of my friends who live in that district to vote for Matthew Berry come next Tuesday in the Republican primary.


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