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Making Lemonade with Capital Pride

Two weeks ago, we at Capital Pride were excited to announce that Mya would be performing this year at DC’s Pride celebration.  This would have built on last year’s headliner, RuPaul.  Then late last week, we were notified by Mya’s camp that she had complications associated with a recent foot surgery that would prevent her from appearing at the event.

Some of us went into panic mode.  Those of us who’ve been on the board of directors for Pride (or the planning committee back when it was with Whitman-Walker) for a number of years remember how disappointed the crowd is when we have no major headlining act.  Looking back only two year ago, we had Jason & DeMarco, a group I had never heard of.  The crowd was supportive and receptive, but not as enthusiastic as last year with Ru.

So after some hard work and late nights by our Entertainment Committee, we announced last night that Capital Pride was going Country.  We were able to secure at the last minute, Chely Wright as our headlining act.

As some of you will know, Chely recent came out of the closet and announced she was a lesbian.  And tomorrow she will appear on Ellen to talk about what it is like to be the first openly lesbian country music star.  Wright’s performance at Capital Pride on June 13th will be her first free and open-to-the-public musical performance since coming out.  It will also be the second time she has performed for a large audience in Washington, DC, having been a featured performer during the National Independence Day Celebration, “Capitol Fourth” concert in 2001.

Also, if you’d like to volunteer for Pride this year, we have a host of event, including the Parade on the 12th and the Festival on the 13th.  Email dblades@capitalpride.org for more information.


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