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American Idol Finals

Here we are at the end of a long and sometimes painful season of American Idol.  I honestly feel we have the best two performers in the finale, much like 2008 with David Cook and David Archialetta.  Let’s take a look at how it went.  Lee has been on fire the last three weeks, while Crystal has been good, but not great.


Lee – The Boxer
Of course he’s doing this song.  It was a decent performance, but it needs more energy.

Crystal – Me & Bobby McGee
This firt round seems to be the folk song round.  But Crystal belts it out like a natural.

Round One goes to Crystal.


Lee – Everybody Hurts
Pitchy.  Okay, I’m starting to hurt while this song is still playing.  I’m still bored with you tonight.  Based on Twitter comments, no one liked this selection.

Crystal – Black Velvet
Not crazy about the arrangement, but she’s singing like her life is depending on it.  Damn girl!  Go MamaSox!!

Round Two goes to Crystal.


Lee – Beautiful Day
Really?  Your first single is going to be a U2 song?  This is the lamest night for you all year.  Very disappointed.  On a positive note, I liked the strings.

Crystal – Up to the Mountain
I’m in church and I just got chills!  You can hear the pain and emotion coming from deep down in her soul on this song.  Wow!!!

To me, this was a complete knock out!  If Crystal isn’t the next American Idol, something is terribly wrong.


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