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American Idol Top Three

And then there were three.  Here we are at the semi-finals!  Unless something earth-shattering happens, we know who’s going home tonight.


Casey – It’s Alright with Me

Crystal – Come to My Window
I was waiting to see Julianne Lewis in the background just like in the original video.  This was a great choice!

Lee – Simple Man
You should have stood up sooner.  It sucked while you were sitting down.  The judges all loved it, but I thougth it was a little karaoke though.


Casey – Daughters
Come on Casey!  You’re taking a Grammy winning song and making it boring with no meaning!  The best part of the performance was the guitar solo.

Crystal – Maybe I’m Amazed
Great selection, but stop screaming.  It is full of heart and soul though.

Lee – Hallelujah
OMG!  I think he’s gonna win this whole thing now!

I think it’s safe to say that barring some miracle, Casey is going home tonight.  That sets up a very well matched final between Crystal and Lee.


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