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Where’s the Outrage?

This weekend, the all-around general asshat Bill Maher offered up the quote, “How exactly does President Sanford and Son think he got elected — by CB radio? The campaign was based on the Internet.”

This quote is a response to President Obama, who recently while giving the graduation address at Hampton College, an HBCU school, criticized high-tech consumer items, such as the iPod, iPad and other gadgets, saying they “are distractions that put new strains on democracy.”

Now while I think this is an ‘out of touch with reality’ moment for the President, I am waiting to hear the cries of racism and general condemnation towards the uber-liberal Maher from the usual suspects.

Where are the press releases from the NAACP? Where are the televised outrages and vows of boycotts from our resident poverty pimps, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

With the exception of a few blog posts, there is a universal silence that permeates across the Interwebs from the political Left. It is eerily similar to that same silence that pervaded back in the 1990s during President Bill Clinton’s tenure in office.

While those on the Left were quick to castigate Republican Senators with even the hint of being a womanizer (Oregon Senator and pro-choice advocate Bob Packwood comes to mind), there is always an ‘Enjoy the Silence’ moment when it comes to one of their own. California Senator Barbara Boxer, who was central to the expulsion of Packwood, never uttered a word regarding President Clinton and his allegations.

In the past sixteen months, any conservative advocate, pundit, or organization who has criticized the Obama Administration has been called pedantic and, at worse, racist. But when it comes from the political Left, not a word.

Should one be surprised at this duplicitous reaction, nee non-action? Not in the least. As I said, we’ve seen this before.

What should actually occur is a real and honest debate about the policies that this administration is espousing. One can be civil while debating the pros and cons about the need for the federal government’s take over of the health care system, national banks, and auto companies, or protecting our borders and balancing our budgets.

What serves no purpose, outside of a virulent combative nature, is the obtuse myopic reference of a my-way-or-the-highway mentality; a pathological sublimation of what is good and honest policy versus that which is political in nature.

As a right-of-center politico, I will be the first to say that I disagree with most of the policies this administration has offered. But it is not enough to simply say that he is wrong and I am right. More over, as a right-of-center LGBT politico, it is my duty to judge any president’s action as to how it relates towards our community as a whole.

I have said on these pages, as well as on others, that our community has not seen real progress in the last sixteen months. We’ve seen platitudes and lip service, to be sure. It’s time we take off our marching shoes, put down our placards, stop handcuffing ourselves to the White House fence and actually do something. Throw the bums out!

There are many candidates – both Democratic and Republican – who will actually listen to our concerns and help work towards a solution. There are more than the media and some of our major national organizations would have you believe.

Five months ago I said that as we were beginning the second session of the 111th Congress, and we must ask ourselves if we’ve been had. That answer is becoming more and more apparent. But while we debate and discuss ways to alter this reality, we must remember that hyperbole and name-calling is not the answer. Casting aspersions does not propel one’s views or positions. Reason, votes, and money do.


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