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American Idol Top Four

Jamie Foxx is back giving shade.  Oh yeah, and it’s Movie Week.

Lee – Kiss From a Rose (from Batman Returns)
A little spotty at first.  Definitely too fast.  Slow it down a little.  Not his best performance, but okay.

Big Mike – Will You Be There (from Free Willy)
You’re leading a choir, not singing with the choir in the background.  Where is the a capella part that would pump up the song?

DUET Crystal/Lee – Falling Slowly (from Once)
Crystal was great, Lee was okay.  Lee, quit putting your guitar in front of Crystal’s face!

Casey – Mrs. Robinson (from The Graduate)
Reminds me of Matt Girard last year when he was in the audience with his piano, or even Jason Castro with a hippie viibe.

Crystal – I’m Alright (from Caddyshack)
Who do I hear?  Tricia Yearwood, Melissa Ethridge, Janice Joplin.  Way to go, Mamma Socks!

DUET Casey/Mike – Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman (from Don Juan DeMarco)
Damn that was a sexy song!

Tonight, the bottom two will be Casey and Michael.  Crystal and Lee are just in a different league.

And going home tonight will be Big Mike. He won’t reach his goal of making it to the Top Three.  Next week, Casey will go home.


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