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American Idol Top Five

OMG!!!  It’s Harry Connick, Jr!  Can I just tell you how much I loooooooove Harry Connick, Jr?  They are doing songs from ole Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra.

Aaron – Fly Me to the Moon
Get in tune, son!  Didn’t like this performance at all.  What sucks is that as he butchers this song, I can only think of my good friend Facch at his wedding.  This is a family song of theirs.  Aaron was a wet blanket.

Casey – Blue Skies
What’s up with people starting off key? But OMG, he looks hot!  Wow, Kara just said you sounded like a lamb singing.  Damn!  But you’re still hot!

Crystal – Summer Wind
That’s a damn beautiful dress!  This song is totally out of her element, but she makes it work.  Casey, take note.

Big Mike – The Way You Look Tonight
That hat is like three sizes too small for your head, bro!  But wow!  Traces of Luther Vandross are coming out of your mouth.  Good job!

Lee – That’s Life
You should have stood up sooner.  It sucked while you were sitting down.  The judges all loved it, but I thougth it was a little karaoke though.

Aaron and Casey are definitely in the bottom three, but I think Big Mike may be as well.

And going home tonight will be the hotness that is Casey, inspite of a last minute attempted save by my friends over at VotefortheWorst.com.


One response to “American Idol Top Five

  1. Eddie Malone May 5, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    Big Poppa I have to Disagree I actually Liked Arron Not nearly as good as Lee but I think Better than crystal but sadly it looks like we will be saying good bye to casey. He was just awful.

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