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American Idol Top Six

We’re at a weird point where I like everyone who’s still in the competition.  Some, more than others, but there’s not a single person I don’t like.  I probably could have said that after Katie Stevens was voted off, but I’ll say it now.  This week, we had the music of Shania Twain, with Shania herself on hand to mentor.

Lee – Still the One
He tried to mix it up, but it sounded a little pitchy.  Pick a key and stay there.  You’re not Velvet Revolver.

Big Mike – It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing
Wait!  Is this a Shania song or a Maxwell song?  It’s very R&B and very contemporary.  Good job!

Casey – Don’t
Great start, but it quickly got nasal and boring.  I see a trend here.  Last week was Don’t Stop, this week is Don’t.  Will he be around to sign at all next week?

Crystal – No One Needs to Know
Love the 5-man band that she’s leading.  A great bluegrass sound, yet very modern.  Very stripped down and unplugged.  The first real sounding country song.

Aaron – You Got a Way
It started off a little flat.  It’s hard for a 17 year old to sing this song with conviction.  Nice money note at the end though.  Oh!  You’re singing this about your mom?  Ewww.

Siobhan – Any Man of Mine
This just seems sort of weird from start to finish.  Though those last 20 seconds were amazing!

My bottom three are Casey, Aaron, & Siobhan (for the first time).

And going home tonight will be… AARON


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