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Morning Shot: April 26, 2010

  • Birthday Shots
    Today shots go out to CW’s hunky Superman Tom Welling (Smallville), martial arts actor Jet Li (Romeo Must Die, Lethal Weapon 4), and ultimate funny lady Carol Burnett (tugs ear!).
  • This Day in History
    On April 26, 1954, the Salk polio vaccine field trials, involving 1.8 million children, begin at the Franklin Sherman Elementary School in McLean, Virginia.
  • Funeral Services
    Last week, I was given the sad news of the passing of Big Rob, Rob Jackson. For those who are interested in attending, final services for Robert Jackson who passed Wednesday, April 21st will take place at the Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, April 28th. Burial services will be held at Lincoln Cemetery in Suitland Maryland. The viewing is from 9am-11am, and service to follow. The address of Fifteenth Street Presbyterian is 1701 15th St., NW (corner of 15th and R Street).
  • A Chili Bowl Named Ben
    One of the most famous eateries in the nation’s capital is by far, Ben’s Chili Bowl. If you’ve had the pleasure of a half smoke or any number of their other specialties, you will know why this attracts the run of the mill and the most powerful alike. First made famous by Howard University alum Bill Cosby, Ben’s easily has a who’s who of celebrities who make their pilgrimage upon arriving in Washington. Most recently, President Barack Obama has made a few visits, as has French President Nicolas Sarkozy when he was in town the other week for the nuclear summit. And just last week, Top Chef host Tom Colicchio tweeted that he was getting’ down on a half smoke.
  • Rockin’ Robin (tweet tweet tweet)
    This is a new feature that I stole from a friend of mine (see Derrick, I told you I would give you credit). Here, I will weekly post a few interesting tweets from people I follow from the past few days.
    @mikedebonis Faith calls for condos to be immediately converted to Section 8. If Tea Party is looking for a real socialist, here ya go.
    @keder Just got my propaganda from @thinkprogress. ‘Holding Wall Street Accountable’ — when are they going to ask about holding gov’t accountable?
    @boogdogDC Since the diet starts Monday, I’ll go ahead and eat this cupcake.
    [which elicited this reply…]
    @claddah76 @boogdogDC diet for what – ur already damn skinny – eat the cupcake and bacon cheese burger #loveyameanit

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