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DC IMF Protestors

As much as tourists in DC bug the hell out of me, I tolerate them because they generate tax revenue.  Especially since we do not have a voting voice in Congress.

However, there is a certain time of the year (no, it’s not cherry blossom season) when I completely despise those who venture into our fair city.

What I refer to is the annual IMF/World Bank conference that takes place every year around the same time as Earth Day.  So it’s a double whammy to DC to those of us who live and work here.

I can’t say that I abhor all protests and marches, as I participated in one a mere six months ago for equal rights.  But I do and will cry foul when people start to protest simply for the sake of protesting.  Case in point being this past Saturday night.  I was leaving Logan Tavern after having dinner with friends and walked up to U Street to take the bus home to Capitol Hill.

There were more than ten police vehicles idling at the always busy intersection of 14th & U Streets, NW.  I asked one of the twenty or so protestors the reason for their folly, to which he replied that he was “advocating the demise of the Internal Monetary System.”

It took all I could do not slap the dumbass.  I simply shook my head and said, “I think you mean International Monetary Fund, you dolt.”  He cluelessly and aimlessly continued on his journey.


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