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American Idol Top Seven

As a lead in to Idol Gives Back, this week brings us songs of inspiration.  Perhaps it is these next two to three weeks where we will finally see some parity between the sexes.  Currently, there are five guys and two girls.  If last night was any indication, guys will go home each of the next three weeks.

Casey – Don’t Stop
This was a good and solid performance, but it was the same as the last two weeks.  There was nothing to stand out about this performance.

Lee – The Boxer
I didn’t recognize the song until the chorus (LA LA LAs).  Lots of emotion in this performance.  No chance of leaving tonight.

Tim – Better Days
Well Tim, yes you have seen better days.  This performance was pitchy from the first note.  Wait!  Is it over?  Good. Very forgettable.

Aaron – I Believe I Can Fly
Let’s pause the TiVo for a second.  Which version are we going to get?  R Kelly or Yolanda Adams?  Pitchy and boring.  It’s the R Kelly version.  He hit the money note at the end though.

Siobhan – When You Believe
Am I in church?  You go girl!  Great control and an amazing money note.  And I love the dress.  The judges didn’t quite care for it, but she should be safe.

Big Mike – Hero
This started out a little pitchy.  He didn’t really connect with the song.  It’s not gonna be a good results show for you.

Crystal – People Get Ready
Great accapella start!  Glad she switched it up without her guitar.  Great performance, even the emotional part at the end.  Wait!  Did they really let her re-sing the end of the song for the recap?  She’s definitely safe, but I don’t think they should have done that.

My bottom three are Tim, Big Mike & Aaron.

And going home tonight will be… This is a very difficult choice, but I will say Aaron. That being said, I will be a little pissed if they eliminate no one in the spirit of “giving” and have another double elimination next week.


One response to “American Idol Top Seven

  1. Tara April 21, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    Aaron should have gone home weeks ago…..Love me some Lee…he just keeps getting better and better! Loved it last night! Must admit I never knew the name to that song, but great version and current sounding! I think I agree on your bottom three…

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