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Morning Shot: April 15, 2010

  • Why Am I So Giddy?!
    If you guessed that it was because Katie Stevens went home last night from American Idol, you’d be correct! While she had a very compelling back story, with her grandmother having Alzheimer’s, she started to bore me, much like Andrew, who also went home last night. It was really a shame about Andrew though. He really had potential.
  • Huckabee Registers to Vote in Florida
    It should be noted, that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a 2008 GOP Presidential nominee, and current Fox News contributor is now a registered voter in Florida. To me, this SCREAMS carpetbagger! But only time will tell if he is one in the mole of Robert Kennedy (1964 New York) and Hillary Clinton (2000 New York), or that of former Massachusetts Governor William Weld (New York 2002) and former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith (2004 Florida).
  • Have Gun, Will Travel
    Multiple media outlets reveal that Congressional House leaders will soon bring to the floor the DC Voting Rights bill. Funny thing is, there’s gun amendment language added to it. I know, I know, “but Pappa, there are huge Democratic majorities in the both chambers.” Well, how do you think they got those majorities? Not by electing liberals like Nancy Pelosi, but moderate and conservative Blue Dogs. Why do you think it took them forever to pass a health care bill?

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