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American Idol Final 9

Last night, they did songs from The King – Elvis Presley!  Mentoring is last yaer’s runner up, Adam Lambert.  This is the first time an Idol alum has been brought back to mentor.  Interesting.  Because of the save last week that Big Mike received, two people are being kicked to the curb tonight.

Wait!  Did Ryan Seacrest really just say that his tongue wasn’t nearly as talented as Adam’s?!  I thought this was a family show.

Crystal – Saved

How many times can I say #1 with a BULLET?  Half way through the song, I thought I was in church.

Andrew – Hound Dog

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.  You were everyone’s favorite after Hollywood week.  But since you’ve been on the big stage, you’ve failed to impress week after week.  Adam said it was boring during rehersal.  And was also last night.

Tim – Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

His Hotness is back!  Not only is he hot, but he’s packin’…heat, that is.  Remember, family show.  It was a little pitchy in some parts, but it was a great arrangement.  You’re safe.

Lee – A Little Less Conversation

This dude can rock out!

Aaron – Blue Suede Shoes

It started great, then got boring.

Siobhan – Suspicious Minds

Another good solid performance.

Big Mike – In the Ghetto

I suspect like most people watching, I have never heard this song before.  It didn’t even sound like an Elvis song.  But it was gooooooood!  Very heartfelt.  I am thankful he was saved last week.

Katy – Baby What Do you Want Me to Do

Well, Katy, if you’re asking me, I want you to go home!  Blah, blah, blah.

Casey – Lordy Miss Claudy

Casey once again was bringing the funk!

My bottom three are Andrew, Aaron, Katy.

And going home tonight will be… Andrew… and Katy!


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