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Morning Shot: April 13, 2010

  • Do As I Say…
    Remember all those deadlines the House and Senate missed last year while dealing with health care? First there was “before August” then there was “September this” or “November that.” All, while completely arbitrary, were missed. It’s funny though. Now the Dems are missing law-imposed deadlines. This year, Congress is poised to miss its April 15 deadline for finishing the FY 2011 budget without even considering a draft in either chamber. I can easily recall all the hand wringing Democrats did when Republicans failed to pass a budget back in ’99 and ’03. This is now the second time in four years Dems. Proving again they don’t know how to govern.
  • A Hottie & The Nation
    In his latest piece for The Nation, liberal hottie Ari Melber briefly takes on the filibuster in regards to the SCOTUS vacancy that is now upon us. While he begrudgingly admits “abuse by both parties,” he seems to forget that President Obama voted against both Chief Justice John Roberts AND Associate Justice Samuel Alito. Senator Obama…“I am sorely tempted to vote for Judge Roberts based on my study of his resume, his conduct during the hearings, and a conversation I had with him yesterday afternoon. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind Judge Roberts is qualified to sit on the highest court in the land.”
  • More Contempt for SCOTUS
    The New York Times is reporting that the White House and Congressional Dems will propose legislation that would force private companies and groups to disclose their behind-the-scenes financial involvement in political campaigns and advertising. Let’s watch them carve out exemptions for their labor union cronies like they did with health care.

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