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Morning Shot: April 12, 2010

  • Take it on the Run

    A few days ago, I told you about Spirit Airlines deciding to charge as much as $45 each way for carry-on luggage. Well there’s an old wive’s tale about the most dangerous place to be within the Beltway. And that is between Senator Chuck Schumer and a television camera. According to yesterday’s WaPo, the New York Senator intends to fight the new fee by asking the Treasury Department to rule on the issue. Let’s see what Boy Wonder (Timmy Geithner) has to say.

  • Let the Good Times Roll…for a bit

    This weekend, the Crescent City – that’s N’awlins for all you crotchety folks – hosted the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Many of its organizers tried to bill it as the adult version of CPAC, which was held earlier this year here in the nation’s capital. You see, they didn’t want their event to be hijacked by the Ron Paul followers who were amply present back in DC in February. Almost, despite their best effort, the pulse of Southern GOP activists, as stated by Real Clear Politics, showed that Dr. Paul barely lost the straw poll that was conducted by a single vote to the man who waffles like no other – Mitt Romney. I mean Bill Clinton could take lessons from him. Of the 1806 votes cast, Romney received 439 to Ron Paul’s 438. 2012 is gonna be a fun year!

  • The Candidate
    I thought I would give you one more slice of heaven that is Julia Sugarbaker… I mean Dixie Carter. And something that many people don’t know, Dixie Carter was a Republicans! May she rest in peace.


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