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It’s No Fun Being An Illegal Elian

I already know I’m gonna get shit from some of my friends for posting this.  But it was funny then, and it’s funny now!

For those of you who are Genesis fans, I mean real fans, you will pick up on this song right away.  For others, you’ve likely never heard of this 1983 song from the band’s eponymously titled album.

You see, ten years ago, back in the spring of 2000, a Cuban mother and her six year old son attempted to seek refugee in the U.S.  His mother didn’t survive the trip, but the boy did.  His name was Elian Gonzalez.  His father in Cuba wanted his son back, while his relatives in America wanted him to stay put.

Janet Reno, then Attorney General under President Bill Clinton, ordered the return of little Elian to his father in Cuba, but the local relatives refused, which caused an international custody battle.

Ultimately, he was sent back to Cuba to be with his father.  Now, ten years later, Elian is attending Cuba’s Young Communist Union congress.

To bring my point full circle, all of this brings back to mind that Genesis song I alluded to earlier – Illegal Alien.  Of course just switch out alien with Elian.


One response to “It’s No Fun Being An Illegal Elian

  1. Eric April 11, 2010 at 7:32 PM

    I understood because I know you. I laughed and just now read the blog today. I laughed and loved it. Just on a side note. I won a bet a few days ago. I was sitting at a bar with some classmates listening to some music from a few decades ago (damn I am getting old) a song was playing and one of my classmate identified the song being sung, “Manic Monday”, and had the gall to say, “I know my jams. It is Belinda Carlisle singing.” I nearly smacked the brown off of him and immediately thought of you. I corrected him (Bangles-Susannah Hoff) and bet him money that he was wrong. He phoned a friend and he paid for my meal and bar tab. I take my hat off to you Mr. Robert Turner for my music education.

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