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American Idol Top Nine

This week brings us songs from the Lennon/McCarthy songbook, a theme first brought to us back in Season 7 – 2008 for those who are bad at math. And, this week also brings us to the point that unless someone screws up badly, picking the winners and losers get a lot harder.

You know, ever since Hollywood week, the judges have been saying the women were much stronger this year.  Well looking at tonight’s line up, I couldn’t tell.  Only three of the nine left are women.  And I think one of them is going home in the next couple of weeks.

Aaron – The Long and Winding Road

Little Aaron, this song is too big for you! You need to learn how to use your vibrato when holding long notes so you don’t go off key. Did Simon actually call him “sweetie?”

Katie – Let It Be

This song started off great, which is saying a lot since she is still my least favorite. But then it got dull, just like last week. Another Star Search performance.

Andrew – Can’t Buy Me Love

Andrew fell off the wagon again. It was a typical wedding singer performance. Dude, I’m worried about you this week.

Michael – Eleanor Rigby

This was another solid performance. It wasn’t his best, but he’s not going anywhere.

Crystal – Come Together

So much fun! It was as if this song was written for her. And what the hell is a didgeridoo? Yes, I’ve already google’d and wikipedia’d it. I didn’t like it at all. It was sharp through the entire performance.

Tim – All My Loving

This was one of his best performances to date. I honestly think for the first time in four weeks, he will not be in the bottom three. And yes, he’s still hot!

Casey – Jealous Guy

This was an absolute solid performance.  And half way through the song, I thought, “Seattle grunge ballad.” And then I thought, “Eddie Vedder.”  It did have an awkward ending though, as he was backing away from the microphone.

Siobhan – Across the Universe

This was a very controlled performance. While Siobhan is an amazing singer, she often screams the money notes.  But not this time. It was very deliberate.

Lee – Hey Jude (with Bagpipes!)

At first I thought, “You may be going home this week.” But it got better as the song went on…until the bagpipes showed up! WHAT THE HELL?!?!

My bottom three are Andrew, Aaron & Lee

And going home tonight will be… Andrew! (Just for the record, if Lee were to go home, the judges would vote to save him.)


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