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Yes, Virginia, There is Discrimination

Bob McDonnell, get your head out of the sand.  To say that there really isn’t any rampant discrimination on any basis in Virginia is simply ludicrous.

From Logo’s 365gay.com

“During a regular appearance on WRVA, McDonnell said, “I don’t know that we need it based on the numbers that I’ve seen,” when asked if he would sign a bill with LGBT protections.”

Earlier this month, I and other LGBT leaders applauded your actions in issuing an Executive Directive banning discrimination in the workplace, including biases against gays and lesbians.  However, that is not enough.

Were you merely playing good cop to Cucinelli’s bad cop?  If so, how cynical.

In a letter to the governor after his Directive, Equality Virginia stated quite efficiently that an Executive Directive was not enough because it offers no protection to college students or other recipients of state services who experience discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.  Moreover, the letter says that the Directive offers no protection to any person, employee or student discriminated against in state employment based on gender identity or expression.  Nor does the Directive offer any support for the proposal to expand state benefits to include coverage for “otherwise qualified adults.”

As Vice President of the DC Log Cabin Republicans – the premiere Republican organization advocating for conservative principles and equality for all Americans – it pains me to hear another Republican make such an ignorant statement.

We must come together to seek a change in law to establish as a policy that no person will be subjected to discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity not just in the Commonwealth, but throughout this entire great country.


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