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My Date with Meghan McCain

Okay fine, it wasn’t really a date.  She spoke last night at GW last night.  But we had drinks at Hotel Palomar afterwards.  Okay, fine — there four other people there too.  Pesky details.

But suffice it to say that I did have an enjoyable time.

I must say, before last night, I was a little on the fence with Meghan.  I was of the mindset that she only had a platform because of who her father was.  And she owned it.  She was like, ‘I can’t change the fact that my dad is a United States Senator and ran for president.  But I can use said platform to bring about CIVIL discourse, and true equality for all.’

She was a guest speaker at the George Washington University’s Jack Morton Auditorium.  The event was sponsored by several university groups and the national Log Cabin Republicans.  And the event wasn’t without controversy.

There was a protest of about 15-20 Young Americans for Freedom members.  But don’t be fooled.  This wasn’t your parents’ protest.  These YAFers had cake…and lemonade.  What the hell kind of a protest is that?  There was also a counter protest of Meghan supporters who were double in numbers.

The crux of Meghan’s speech was to redefine Republicanism; to make room in the party for diverse viewpoints and ideological differences.  A viewpoint I share with her.

Too many on the right invoke Ronald Reagan’s name when talking about conservative ideas and principles.  But Reagan wasn’t just a loadstone for conservatives.  He was so for moderates, independents and even Democrats.  Reagan use to refer to America as that shining city on a hill.  But to the chagrin of many on the right, that shining city is not a gated community.

But back to my date…

After her speech and Q&A session, there was a brief reception where sponsors and supporters were able to get their picture snap with the guest of honor.  Once we had our turn, she turned and whispered to us, “Let’s grab a drink after this.”

Did I mention she loves her Log Cabin gays?

So we met up at the Hotel Palomar bar and had a few adult beverages and some light flare.

We talked about politics and pop culture and all things gay in DC.  It was a lovely time.  And by the end of the night, Meghan had won herself a new fan.


One response to “My Date with Meghan McCain

  1. Steve Taylor March 26, 2010 at 6:36 PM

    Meghan won herself another fan here too! It was great to get to see/hear her as a political voice, but I also REALLY enjoyed getting some personal time with her afterward…thanks to Log Cabin!

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