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What’s In a Word? FAIL

The Bilerico Project recently posted a piece on the use of the term ‘fail’.  Its author, Alex Blaze, really can’t stand the word!  He starts off his piece by saying, “Fail is really, really annoying. The fad is dead. It’s time to move on.”

I got a feeling (woo-hoo) that Blaze is merely reacting to the misuse of the term.  If you look at the Twitterverse, you will see the word used quite often, and in its appropriate context (e.g. my 20 minute metro ride this morning took 45 minutes #WMATAFAIL).

He equates it to the overuse of the term ‘psyche’ back in the 80s and 90s.  It was famously used by Eddie Murphy in his Delirious stand up performance of the ice cream man.  Now those were the days!


One response to “What’s In a Word? FAIL

  1. Caleb McLean March 6, 2010 at 2:40 PM

    When I first started hearing the word it annoyed me too. It seemed just a little harsh for the context it was being used in. Then I saw it in the twitterverse and realized it was just a short way of expressing a longer thought. after all when you only have 140 characters to express a thought, you have to have short words to express a complex idea.

    It actually kind of reminded me of the use of the word ‘fag’ over my lifetime as well as its total history. To many of us it is a negative connotation to gay people but it is a word that has changed so much over the course of time. The word has been used to describe a bundle of sticks, poor people, old people, cigarette and woman for example. Even so much that a recent episode of ‘South Park’ pointed this out by trying to get it to change to mean a group of bikers that were harassing the town.

    The point being words have meaning but the meaning of those words change over time. It use to be a much longer time but in our modern era it happens at a much quicker pace. ‘fail’ is just another of those words that has or is beginning to change in our living language.

    Gay – use to mean happy – in the 1962 worlds fare the main walkway was called ‘The gay way’ or ‘ the song ‘don we now our gay apparel’
    Artificial – use to mean artistic
    nice – use to mean ignorant
    transpire – use to mean information that was leaked out off the record
    awful – use to mean full of awe or delightful etc.
    Brave – use to signify cowardice
    intercourse – use to mean to interact. typically in a conversation.
    counterfeit – use to mean a perfect copy
    prove – use to mean to test. a proving ground
    tell – use to mean to count

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