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Going to the Chapel

On either March 9th or 10th, depending on who’s calendar you go by, gays and lesbians here in the nation’s capital will be able to legally wed one another.

The final potential obstacle to this historic pending law came and went last Friday, when the DC Court of Appeals denied Bishop Harry Jackson an injunction request to block the law from taking effect.

According to the DC Agenda, “The three-judge appeals court panel also held that Jackson and others who have joined him in requesting the injunction failed to show that allowing the marriage law to take effect would cause them irreparable harm.”

This is an important fact because opponents of marriage equality often say that by extending marriage rights, they harm traditional marriages.  So let’s ask the straight married people in Massachusetts, Iowa, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Vermont if their marriages have been harmed in any way.

We all know what the answer to that one is.


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