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Dick Cheney and DADT

Matt Corley over at thinkprogress.org has a great post about former Vice President Dick Cheney’s comments this morning on ABC’s This Week about the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

The former VP says that he is deferring to military judgment in supporting the repeal.

However, some on the left are calling the move gutless.  Mike Signorile, who has a talk show on Sirius XM tweeted me this morning asking “Why didn’t Cheney get it done under both Bushes? He was Defense Secy and VP. Never had guts on this.”

I quickly reminded him that DADT wasn’t in place when Cheney was Defense Secretary.  And that Cheney said when military leaders say it’s time to change the policy, he’d agree.

This is in stark contrast to grandpa McCain, who once said he would listen to military leaders on this issue, now to rebuke them when they say it’s time to lift the ban.

I hope to have more debate and dialogue with Mike.  While we are on complete opposite sides on most issues, he seems to at least be a thinking man.


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