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Good News for the Blade/Agenda?

Is there good news for the family that once was the Washington Blade and is now the DC Agenda?  According to the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), the former employees of the Washington Blade could become the owners of their former papers, at bargain-basement prices.

As you may recall, early on a Monday morning back in mid-November of last year, it was announced that Window Media had abruptly closed up shop over the weekend.

With the closing, so went use of the name ‘Washington Blade’, it’s URL, and, most importantly, its archive of 40 years of reporting on and for the LGBT community.

February 25, 2010 is the target date for announcing who wins the bids for the Blade and the other publications owned by Windows Media – Southern Voice, David, and genre.com, among others.

According to ProjectQAtlanta,

“In Washington, a $15,000 bid for the Washington Blade came from Brown Naff Pitts Omnimedia, Inc., a company that includes former employees of the Washington Blade who launched D.C. Agenda in the wake of the Blade’s collapse. They include Kevin Naff, the Blade’s former editor, former Publisher Lynne Brown and sales executive Brian Pitts.”

I wish Lynne and all of my friends over at the DC Agenda the best of luck in this endeavor.  You continue to make us proud.


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