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A Snotorious Tsnonami of a Snowpocalypse

What do you get when you mix the anticipation of multiple feet of snow with the interwebs?  Great drink specials!

Yesterday morning, I received a Facebook message from Mark Rutstein, the general manager of Cobalt, one of my favorite haunts.  The message was short, simple, and very to the point, “I wanted to share that we will open early at 1pm today for Snowpocalypse drink specials — $1 Rail Drinks 1-7.”  He concluded with statement, boldly challenging Mother Nature, “We are open all weekend regardless of the weather.”

This man wasn’t messing around!

So naturally, I passed on the information to the DChomos.  Some of them arrived promptly at 1pm, having been sent home early due to the incoming snow storm.  When I arrived at 4pm, the place was fairly crowded.  Keep in mind Cobalt doesn’t usually open until 5pm.  But we Washingtonians like to drink.  Three hours and less than $20 later (somewhat inebriated), I headed to the warmth and dryness that is home.

Now I need to figure out how to dig my way out of my cave for tomorrow to head to the Wadsworth Super Bowl party.  That will be interesting.


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