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The ‘Do As I Say President’

The Washington Post has an article today about Obama criticizing Senate Republicans for delaying confirmation votes.  WaPo quotes the President as saying,

“We’ve got a huge backlog of folks who are unanimously viewed as well qualified — nobody has a specific objection to them — but end up having a hold on them because of some completely unrelated piece of business.”

In his most recent bout of selective amnesia, the President must have forgotten that the rules of the Senate when he was in that chamber have not changed with his appointment as king.  Senate rules allow for a senator to place a hold on a president’s nominee for any reason, at any time.

WaPo goes on to note that the President, when he was the junior Senator from Illinois, exercised this exact same practice at least three times.

In 2005, a year after his election to the Senate, Obama placed a hold on Susan Bodine to lead the Environmental Protection Agency office that oversees Superfund and emergency cleanup programs because the agency had missed a deadline on new regulations for lead paint exposure.

In September 2006, Obama and Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) blocked Robert L. Wilkie’s nomination as a Defense Department assistant secretary over a long-delayed Pentagon report on Midwestern wind farms.

And Obama joined with other Democrats in October 2007 to block the nomination of Hans von Spakovsky to the Federal Election Commission. Von Spakovsky later withdrew; Wilkie and Bodine were eventually confirmed.

So once again, the Lecturer-in-Chief tells us that the rules that apply to us, do not apply to him.


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