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The Beauty in Ugly

“She’s so big hearted, but not so remarkable.  Just an ordinary humble girl.  Expecting nothing as we’re made to think it’s a pretty person’s world.”

These are the lyrics to the first few lines of the unofficial theme song to Ugly Betty, penned and sung by the delicious and talented Jason Mraz.

Last week, ABC announced that Ugly Betty would be cancelled after the show’s current fourth season comes to a close.  What’s more, the network has trimmed Betty’s episode order from 22 to 20.  Those bitches!

I can’t say that I am too terribly surprised.  When ABC moved the show from its coveted Thursday time spot to Friday, I new what would come next.  You see, this is not the first time The Alphabet brass has taken a critically received and popular show and moved it to a new night only to see the rating drop, then change it to a third new night, only to cancel it.

Back in 2003, at the start of its 7th season, ABC decided to move The Practice, starring sexy Dylan McDermott, from its Sunday night perch and move it to Mondays.  Viewership dropped 30 percent.  It was cancelled the next year.

This is exactly what has happened to Betty!  Viewership dropped 40 percent when they moved it to the Friday night death slot.

So while I will mourn the death of Betty, I will cherish the four seasons that she and the entire Mode clan has given us.  And let’s face it; no one can give the death glare like Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina Slater.

I leave you with this funny uptake on Hitler hearing the news of Betty’s cancellation.  Mark’s Michael Urie (@michaelurie) and Justin’s Mark Indelicato (@markindelicato) retweeted this earlier today.


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