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Cigar Review: Plasencia

Plasencia Longfellow

7 1/8 x 42

On Friday, I met a friend for lunch at Shelly’s Back Room.  After we finished our meal, I asked Mike if he would like a cigar.  He graciously accepted the offer, and I went to my locker (#51) and retrieved two Plasencia Longfellows.  Mike is still new to cigars, so I didn’t want to enundate him with something strong, that would put him on his ass when he had to finish out the afternoon back at the office.

I do enjoy the packaging of this cigar.  It comes in a long glass tube with a cork.  This Longfellow had a light brown Connecticut wrapper and was a mild to medium cigar.  Again, Mike’s a newbie.  The flavor was a somewhat earthy mix with a little sweetness and a little spice.


This Nicuraguan cigar is a good middle of the day smoke to share with a friend.  And Mike, next time you’re getting something stronger.


2 responses to “Cigar Review: Plasencia

  1. Hubbard January 24, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    Something stronger will be fine with me. Just curious, but what kinds of cigars earn a 10/10 rating as opposed to just the 6/10?

  2. dcbigpappa January 25, 2010 at 11:39 AM

    I’ve yet to have a cigar that rated a perfect 10. But that’s what I search for. I have had a few 8s and 9s.

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