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What Does 2010 Mean for the GOP?

With Massachusetts in the bag and in the win column for Republicans, all eyes are on the mid-term elections this fall.  Conventional wisdom says the GOP will definitely pick up seats.  What seems to be in question is just how many seats.

I think the GOP should celebrate these victories (MA, NJ, VA), but understand that this is about the country pushing away from Democrats.  They are reacting negatively towards what Obama and Congressional Dems have offered.

This is now a GOP opportunity to step up – to be more than the party of NO, and present what it stands for, insofar as health care reform and other issues.  We need to tell the public why we deserve the responsibility to govern the Congress again.  We have to do more than oppose this president.  We must lay out a positive and affirmative vision for this country.

If we do this over the next nine months, we can pick up 30+ seats in the House, and 7+ in the Senate.

With Scott Brown’s election, we have this opportunity with health care.  We need to push for some level of tort reform, reasonable prohibition on pre-existing conditions, paying for performance instead of paying for volume of procedures, and empowering consumers to have more choices in the marketplace.

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said yesterday that the Senate would not move on health care until Scott Brown was seated.  He went on to say, “Remember, the health care bill we passed in the Senate is good for a year.”

This is a point I am glad he brought up.  That tells me he is willing to go back to the drawing board to try to etch out a true bipartisan health care bill.

I say they break the bill up into single bills.  There is no need having a Christmas tree of a bill.  We shall see.


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