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Global Warming: Hoax & Change

So much can be said about the conversations currently taking place on climate change.  First, there are the emails from the University of East Anglia that were leaked.  Watching the Left go apoplectic was entertaining, to say the least.

Senator Barbara Boxer wants to investigate to see if laws were broken in leaking the Climate-gate emails.  Internet creator Al Gore called it “a controversy without any real substance.” Global Warming Czar and resident socialist Carol Browner publicly says it’s a “non-event”, but you know she’s up in arms that it got out that they have been hiding the decline.

I guess reading Sarah Palin’s op-ed in the Washington Post this week about the subject made some of them go completely mad.  The Atlantic Magazine rants on and on about it saying, “The Washington Post has given Sarah Palin the chance to harness herself to the political story of the hour.”  Gee!  Isn’t that what most politicians do?

While I’ve never been a believer in global warming, I haven’t tossed it aside either.  Global warming science is not junk science, but it’s speculative.  It’s based on incomplete data.  It’s based on computer models that rest on assumptions that in turn rest on the understanding on how the Earth’s climate controls itself.

Its projections are speculative.  But it pretends to be the hardest of all sciences and that anyone who is skeptic is branded a denier.

I will be interested to see what comes out of the Copenhagen Conference next week.  Will it be more of the same scare tactics that the sky is falling?  Probably so.


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