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Lambda Rising Closing — Losing an Icon

On Saturday, I met up with a friend for coffee at Starbucks.  There being no room to sit inside, and with the season’s first snow fall, we decided to venture two blocks north and peruse the bookshelves of Lambda Rising, the premiere bookstore for gay DC.  Lambda Rising has been serving the GLBT community in the nation’s capital for 35 years.

While there, we heard the very sad news that Lambda was closing it store soon after the new year.  A patron nearby vocalized exactly what I was thinking at that moment – “first the Blade and now this?”  The clerk quickly countered that the Blade had now become the DC Agenda.

I was happy to learn, after some quick digging, that Lambda was not closing because of hard financial times, but simply because its owners wanted to retire.  You see, Deacon Maccubbin has been at the forefront of our push for civil rights.  His name is often mentioned in the same breath as Frank Kameny, Del Martin and the likes.

Deacon created DC’s Gay Pride Day, which has become Capital Pride, of which I am a board member.  What started out as a one-day community block party has turned into the fourth largest event of its kind in the US.

So I would like to applaud Deacon and Jim Bennett, his partner of 32 years for their incredible service to our city and our community.  Thank you very much, and happy retirement!

You can read more on the closing of Lambda Rising in the DC Agenda.


One response to “Lambda Rising Closing — Losing an Icon

  1. Jamie Gregorian December 7, 2009 at 8:57 AM

    One minor quibble–it didn’t only serve the GLBT community. On a couple of occasions, when I worked in Dupont, I purchased gifts for gay friends at Lambda Rising, and the staff seemed to know that I was a little out of my element and they were eager to help. A shame to lose another homegrown DC business…

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