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Thanksgiving, Football & Rivalries

On this day, one of the few days in the 365 calendar year, we actually take time to think about and often speak out loud what we are thankful for.  It seems quite touching, until you stop and think that the only reason people are being thankful is because others are inquiring.

Speaking for men, internally we have three things on our minds today – football, food, and alcohol!

My Cowboys have their traditional game this afternoon, hosting the lackluster Oakland Raiders.  And my beloved Texas Longhorns travel to College Station to take on in-state rival Texas A&M.

At this point, I would like to pause and take a moment to remember those who lost their lives ten years ago during Bonfire, what used to be an Aggie tradition for 90 years until 12 Aggies & alumns were tragically killed when it collapsed as they were constructing it.

You see, even though this was a tradition for Texas A&M, we, as Texas Longhorns had come to appreciate the event as an integral part of the 115 year rivalry between the two schools.

Now, having said that, in the words of our fight song… “GIVE ‘EM HELL! GIVE ‘EM HELL! A&M SUCKS!!!”


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